I am a hairstylist and my arms, shoulders, and neck are always super tense because of the nature of my job. Amber is the only massage therapist I’ve had who has been able to successfully relieve the stress and tension from my problem spots. She is an amazing massage therapist and healer. I highly recommend her!
~ Jenn Meyer, Hairstylist

Amber was amazing! She was communicative about what I needed and wanted from my massage, then completely and totally exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
~ Kati Swinney, Teacher

Amber’s massage is very thorough and thoughtful. She extends to her clients her thoughtfullness and generosity, not to mention her extensive knowledge of massage. She imbues each of her sessions with her own unique warmth and strength. Amber’s personal radiance and positivity are felt, quite literally, through her massages. A holistic experience!
~ Caitlin Morehouse, Interior Designer

Amber Desmond is an amazing massage therapist! I can be quite picky, being a massage therapist myself, but her years of experience really come through with the perfect balance of technique, appropriate pressure, and intention. Amber has a unique, nurturing touch that I haven’t experienced from any other massage therapist. 
~ Zach Brown, Massage Therapist