True Campaigns for Change


This article has a wonderful perspective on the war that women have waged against their own bodies. I think that the validity of taking a look at what we make “FAT” mean about us and our lives is a huge step in the right direction. That all the wonderful campaigns for women to love their bodies as they are, are a great step in a new and positive direction but that it is not most likely the end all be all answer to our self loathing.

I promote Self Love and Acceptance on all levels of our being , but I also know by spouting “self love” that does not necessarily mean the recipe for change. True self acceptance, true deep self love and self worth come from a place of change and questioning constantly what you are bombarded with on the external level. Looking into our own minds and the programs we have received about beauty and being a Woman and then questioning them, dismantling them until they no longer look and feel the way they did before. Learning to see our bodies through a different lens, coming to ourselves and embracing the power and magnificence of being a woman, of being human and being in a body at all. Coming to the very powerful life altering reality that how we look is not what truly defines us.

I know it’s been said before but truly sitting with that , meditating on this truth, letting it sink in seep down through the layers of bull-shit we have programed into our minds. We all have bodies, we all change and grow, and morph into different versions of ourselves, the young WILL GROW OLD. No one is immune to life and the changes that come with it, and hating our bodies along that journey is an ultimate waste of our precious time on earth.

I have suffered with my own criticisms and battled my own demons of self hate and loathing. As I grow older and things get softer, rounder, and more saggy I feel those programs of “not enough” and “should be better” creeping in. I feel the pain of those beliefs…they burn and twist my insides and it’s torture.

My greatest tool is LOVE when those voices and beliefs start moving in. Question them, pick apart where that belief came from, remove it’s power to influence you. Question everything you think, and watch as new truths emerge!