Allowing Creativity

One of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself in the past year is the gift of allowing my own creativity space to exist without judgement of imperfection .
For the longest time I told myself I wasn’t creative , that I had no artistic inclination so I wouldn’t even try.
Several years ago I started a collage journal and yet still didn’t acknowledge my own creativity.
I thought if it wasn’t something you could sell , or if other people didn’t acknowledge my creativity as valid ,
then it wasn’t.
It’s only been within the past year that I’ve really come to recognize being creative is just that, being creative .
Coloring , writing , journaling , dancing , singing , living boldly , sharing a story , playing with children , imagining things in our mind these are all acts of creation & creativity.
My art is not made to be hung in buildings and admired by other people , my art is made because it feels great for me to make it.
When I stopped thinking it had to be perfect , or approved of by others is when I started actually really enjoying creating .
The more I let go of what my previous idea of a creative person was , the more I became creative .
I found freedom in my art.
I am an artist, not because I sell art, make it for a living , or get my things hung on walls where others will see it,
I’m an artist because I create art with love, joy , and powerful intention .
It inspires me, it uplifts me , it opens me up to possibilities that have been hiding out inside me.
Creative expression is just that, an expression of ourselves .
I love color & sparkles , and playing with pictures & glue, finding words , and art that open my mind and heart to new places.
I used to be So jealous of people I thought of as creative because I had a pretty powerful story that I Wasn’t .
Now other peoples creativity inspires my own because I have stopped blocking my own creativity by telling it it didn’t exist . I drew this Mandala today and the spiral art I drew in New Orleans while I was visiting 🌀

allowing-creativity-2 allowing-creativity-3 allowing-creativity